CG Open Tournament

Welcome to the 2012 Canadian Gay Open (CGO) Tennis Tournament and to Toronto; the
largest city in Canada and the fifth largest in North America, making this thriving multi-cultural
city a venue not to be missed.
We are thrilled to hold this 19th annual GLTA-sanctioned tournament at the Mayfair Clubs
once again. We pride ourselves on our hospitality and have been working tirelessly to make
sure everyone has a great experience. The CGO is more than just a tennis competition. It’s
about lifelong friendships, unexpected romances, and cultivating a global network with a
unifying passion: Tennis.

This year, in addition to the Draw Party held at The Vic Pub on Friday and the banquet held
at the 519 Community Center on Sunday, we have added an official closing party held at The
Vic Pub after the banquet. We have extended an invitation for the Jocks’ Spring Fling Party to
the entire Toronto Lesbian and Gay Tennis Association (TLGTA) and multiple other gay sports
leagues in Toronto. Make sure you come and join the party.

Whether this is your first CGO Tennis Tournament or your 19th, it is our mission to make
the 2012 tournament a truly memorable experience. We want to thank all our volunteers,
sponsors, and competitors coming from across Canada, the U.S., Europe and Japan for
helping us to make CGO as fun as possible. Lastly, we want to thank the Toronto players for
your continued support and participation year after year.

Good luck to all and have fun.
Tommy Trinh
CGO 2012 Tournament Director

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