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Final scores at the end of Round Robin:


Thank you to everyone who participated in the first day of this year’s Ladies Invitational!  This event is one to celebrate – as it is the 35th event that takes place annually, hosting 40 teams from clubs ranging from the Toronto Lawn, Granite, Cricket, Lambton, Badminton & Racquet, Boulevard, York, Bayview, and the Donalda Tennis Club.  Over 190 matches were played collectively today and will continue to go on tomorrow into the finals.

See below for a Summary of the Top Scores of the 35th LADIES INVITATIONAL DAY ONE:

  • GREEN, RED: The Toronto Lawn Tennis Club is currently in the lead for these 2 divisions.
  • PURPLE: The Toronto Lawn Tennis Club is currently tied with Boulevard at the highest of 22 points.
  • YELLOW: Lakeshore leading with 20 points.
  • ORANGE:  Toronto Cricket Club currently leading with 20 points, while Lakeshore and B&R are at a tie with 10.5 points.
  • BLUE:  Bayview leading the Blue Division with 20.5 points.
  • PINK: Donalda Club leading the Pink Division with 17.5.
  • TEAL:  Close matches with the Teal Division..Lakeshore in the lead 2 points ahead of Cricket.
  • GREY: Granite Club 2 points ahead of Toronto Lawn.
  • WHITE:  Granite leading with 19 points.

Stay tuned for the silent auction and the “The Tennis Ball” hosted at the Toronto Lawn Tennis Club for Day Two tomorrow!


What a great day of matches! See below for the winners of each division:

  • YELLOW: Cricket 1
  • GREEN: Lambton 1
  • ORANGE:  Cricket 3
  • BLUE:  Bayview 1
  • RED: TLTC 2
  • PURPLE:  Boulevard 3
  • PINK:  Donalda 1
  • TEAL:  Lakeshore 3
  • GREY:  Granite 7
  • WHITE: Granite 8

Congratulations to all teams! We are looking forward to seeing you all tonight at the Toronto Lawn Tennis Club for “The Tennis Ball.”