I started volunteering for Philpott tennis in the year 2008.

I was at the Oakridge site and the Malvern site.

I always looked forward to the freeze fridays with the tournaments and the Rogers Cup field trips.

The instructors I had were Chris and Natasha and they helped me develop a love for the sport tennis because they made it fun to play.

I have instructed at Oakridge site for two summers.

I only instructed at Oakridge site.

My favourite moments teaching is when the kids give me back their feedback on how they felt about tennis on small cards they would give us at the end of the program with their comments in it .

There are not many funny stories to share other than the fact that I teach the site where I was originally was a camper at, which is ironic.

Philpott tennis has helped me develop as a person because of the positive interaction I have with the community I instruct at. It helped me gain experience in communicating with parents and children.