Ricky Chee

I got involved with the Doug Philpott foundation in 2009 as an assistant
coach. I’ve been working for 5 years now with the Doug Philpott foundation,
previously at the Malvern location, now at McGregor.

My best memory is the feeling of watching kids walk into the camp on day one
never having played tennis. By the end of the week, they’ve learned so fast,
they’re playing games with the other kids, and you can see how happy they
are and proud of themselves. I’ve also taught many kids that have loved
what we do so much that they either volunteer or become assistant coaches.
It’s great watching them grow up through the program. It just goes to show
how profound of an impact Doug Philpott has on these children. They grow up
through the program, and want to share their love of the sport with the next
group of kids.

Doug Philpott has a special place in my heart because for a few summers,
both of my children (son and daughter) were coaching alongside me at the
Malvern location. Although there were some ups and downs, it was a rewarding
and memorable few summers. Thanks for everything.