Stephanie McLoughlin

My family has been involved with the Philpott Organization in some capacity since the very beginning and then some, as my father was friends with the foundation’s late founder, Doug Philpott. My two older brothers began instructing at the Cabbagetown site about nine years ago, and now my cousin and I have become instructors at the same site, having run it for the last four years. It is incredibly rewarding to see how strong a presence the Philpott Foundation has developed in the Cabbagetown area, as the tennis lessons now serve three neighbourhood community centres, and hundreds of children, who continue to come back year after year.

     My most memorable teaching moments continue to be each time a child screams with joy after having just been able to hit a shot over the net for the first time, and then watching them all progress throughout the summer. Furthermore, it is a very special feeling when a child remembers my name from the summer before, and says they signed up again for the community centre’s sports camp just so they could play tennis. The organization has had a very significant influence in my life, as it has shown me just how much I take for granted, having grown up playing tennis and other organized sports.

     The Philpott Foundation is a very important fixture in Toronto neighbourhoods, as its camps are able to positively influence inner-city children through something as simple as teaching them how to play tennis.