Tanya Back and Valentina Shemetoff

Our children, Alison Back (8 y.o.) and Philip Shemetoff (9 y.o.) started to take group lessons with Gabriel and Chloe this summer. Both children were new to tennis. By the end of the session they’ve learned to backhand, forehand, serve, and volley. It was amazing for us (parents) that our kids, who started from lobbing balls around the court, can play even small rallies with red balls.

Gabriel’s and Chloe’s technical and instructional tips are simple and clear; their lessons are structured, well-paced, and fun. Children improved their technique during interesting games. Even though the number of children was quite big, the instructors separated them into smaller groups so they were able to play instead of just waiting in line. Many times they have several courts going at the same time. Kids were rotated from court to court as they did various drills.

Gabriel’s and Chloe are great instructors. We highly recommend them.

Also special thanks to the Doug Philpot City Children’s Tennis Program for an opportunity for each child to learn Tennis.


Tanya Back and Valentina Shemetoff