Toronto Lawn Tennis Club Calcutta

This is a major fundraiser, hosted by the Toronto Lawn Tennis Club each June in support of the Philpott Fund. Each year this event raises between $20,000 to $30,000.

The format is as follows:

  • Members sign up prior to the event for a registration fee and a put together with others to form a team
  • On Thursday night there is a bidding/party with a nice buffet and a few drink tickets (we used to do Friday night but figured out that a lot of people were partying pretty hard and a little hung over for the matches the next day). The party has grown over the years and now there are a lot of consortiums that team up which has driven up the amount of money raised. The teams are handicapped and auctioned off. Joe Murphy does a great job at this as it’s a tough crowd because everyone is enthusiastic and loud! Coulter gets up and says a few words regarding Philpott and the event.
  • Simon personally handicaps and groups the teams in a way that he thinks they will mesh well together. The system works well as the field is wide open. This year, I think it was a level ‘B’ and ‘C’ team that won. There are a few ‘A’ players put in but not that many.
  • The matches take place starting on Saturday morning and runs just for the day. There were a lot of teams so we had two teams advance from the round-robin out of each group.
  • Traditional split of money to the Philpott and then to the bidders of the winning team

All the players and spectators have a wonderful time.

The Philpott fund says a huge thank you to the Toronto Lawn Tennis Club, to Simon Bartram and Coulter Wright and the committee for hosting such a fun filled and rewarding event. The Philpott children are grateful for your support.

2013 TLTC Calcutta Photo Gallery